ResourceSmart News…Congratulations goes to Bogong Outdoor School

L-R: Ben Derrick, Linda Anania, Tony Keebel and Ron Janas

L-R: Ben Derrick, Linda Anania, Tony Keebel and Ron Janas at Bogong Outdoor School

Currently we are working on the ResourceSmart Waste Module with a number of schools in the North East (each at different stages of advancement).  We do however have another 5 star school in our midst.  Congratulations go to the Bogong Outdoor School who have done an amazing job and are continuing the journey through assisting other schools in their ResourceSmart journey.  I had the honour of representing North East Waste & Resource Recovery Group and ResourceSmart, along with Councillor Ron Janas from Alpine Shire and Ben Derrick, Director Economic Development & Land Management from Falls Creek Resort Management Board, in helping Bogong Outdoor School unveil their new sign and celebrate this fantastic achievement.

You might ask ‘What is a 5 Star ResourceSmart School?’  Well the journey is unique for each school and the 5 star accreditation is not given lightly.  Bogong Outdoor School have been able to significantly decrease their waste, water and energy usage whilst caring for and adding to the biodiversity in their area.  They are a unique school as many different groups of secondary students spend between 5 and 12 days on site 24/7 every year.

Bogong Outdoor School have achieved a 5 star award through their hard work, dedication and commitment, their leadership and their affinity with their Environment. Sustainability is embedded in everything they do – not just what they teach.  Every purchase, every decision, every activity, is considered for its environmentally sustainable merits. Sustainability is it is at the core of the school’s values, beliefs and persona. An example: You would think that food miles would leave quite a big footprint at Bogong, given its remoteness and physical challenges.  BUT…It is wonderful to listen to ‘Cookie’ as he explains the meal he has prepared and how the ingredients are sourced (and in many cases – grown there).  Nothing is wasted.  They go by the Motto…Love Food, Hate Waste.  It is well worth while having a look at their website.

Bogong Outdoor School offers a unique experience to the students who visit.  What they learn is with them forever.  They take their learning back to their schools and their homes.  Many other schools are also learning from the leaders at Bogong Outdoor School.

There are only 31 five star schools in Victoria and two of them now come from our region.  Bogong Outdoor School joins Frayne College as a very worthy recipient of this prestigious award.