Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Demonstration

NEWRRG with the help of GVWRRG and Benalla Rural City Council organised the second meeting of the Hume Landfill Operators Network on 6th March 2015. Council staff from across the Hume and as far as East Gippsland attended the day

The highlight of the day was the presentation by the company ’Reverse Mining’ on the use of UAV’s (or drones) at landfills.

The company has developed a software suite that in conjunction with 3D photographic surveying by an Unmanned Arial Vehicle (UAV) can be a powerful tool helping Landfill Managers increase planning efficiency and control.

‘Reverse Mining’ was represented by Grant Lacey, Tina De Lugo and the UAV pilot Ryan who also brought the $70,000 UAV along. Unfortunately we couldn’t undertake a demo flight on the day, due to the close proximity of the Benalla Performing Arts Centre to the Benalla airport.

Ryan the UAV pilot had performed a flyover of Benalla landfill earlier that week and ‘Reverse Mining’ director Grant Lacey presented on the possibilities the system offers landfill managers.

Since some of the intellectual property used and developed by the company is not yet protected participants were asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Apart from producing impressive three dimensional video footage of Benalla landfill, the method can be used to precisely plan the filling of the cell as well as model surface water and leachate flows. It can also be used to predict airspace savings when introducing new machinery or adopting new technology like alternative daily covers.

The cost calculator, which as not demonstrated, would also be able to model cost savings associated with any investment that influences waste compaction or fill sequencing.

The first presentation of the day was by ‘Waste Well’ and it introduced a method of building a RRC or Transfer station without the need for engineered walls eliminating the cost and the fall risk associated with disposal into skips.

‘Waste Well’ claims to reduce the cost of design and construction of Transfer stations to a third of that of a conventional ‘sawtooth’ design. The system is called ‘the Contained Transfer Station’ and  there were several questions raised especially in regards to different management and staff requirements as well as questions about the ability of this system to be used at big facilities or peak times.

All together it was a very well received event, great venue and catering (thanks Benalla) and a good platform for networking.

There is no date for the next meeting yet, but we anticipate it to be around October or November 2015. If you are interested and want to be informed about future meetings please send an email to richard.paschke@newrrg.vic.gov.au or brad.montgomery@gvwrrg.vic.gov.au.