drumMUSTER statistics for the north east region

Square-Plastic-Barrel copyDid you know?

Since 1999 the Councils within the north east region of Victoria have collected 117,494 drums and saved 134.89 tonnes of drums from going into landfill.

These numbers are provided by councils submitting their drum numbers held within the drumMUSTER cages. Some councils do not submit their numbers to drumMUSTER so the actual number of drums collected could be even higher!

Since 1999 on a national level drumMUSTER has collected 25.9 million drums and saved 31,000 tonnes of drums from going into landfill, saving the economy over $100 million dollars. . Victoria in the same period has collected 5.1 million drums and saved 5,846 tonnes of drums from landfill.

Well done all, keep up the great work. For further information on drumMUSTER click here