Local Government Waste Forum tour

On the 16th and 17th of July representatives from the North East Waste and Resource Recovery Group’s Board, Forum and Technical Group travelled to Melbourne to visit waste and resource recovery sites. Organised by the Waste and Resource Group, the tour was designed to provide attendees with insight into large scale landfill operations and an opportunity to visit various material reprocessors. Donning their steel caps and winter woolies the group visited a total of six sites over the two days.

The first day saw the attendees visit: Wollert landfill, Tyrecycle and Citywide before a brief forum meeting and a delicious dinner at Southbank.

Wollert landfillWollert landfillTyrecycleTyrecycle




The second day took the tour to the TIC Group, Alex Frazer and MRI before making the trip back up the Hume to home.

Citywide Transfer StationAlex FrazerMRIMRI






Citywide Transfer StationA huge thank you to all the representatives for coming along for the two days. Also a big thank you to Rob Millard, CEO of the Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group who came and presented to the forum on the Thursday night. Without a doubt the representatives saw some varied and innovative resource recovery practices which will no doubt inform their own practices.