Schools gather for environment day

Wodonga SED-05Twelve local north east environmental organisations gathered at the CUBE in Wodonga recently to deliver hands-on workshops to 186 grade five students from around the Wodonga area.

The day was sponsored by the City of Wodonga in conjunction with the North East Waste and Resource Recovery Group and the North East Catchment Management Authority.

The CUBE provided the perfect venue for the winter event, and the students learnt about a huge variety of topics including:

  • The Murray Darling Basin
  • Threatened species – in particular the Corroboree Frog
  • Feral animals – how pets can become pests and the damage they can do to local flora and fauna – the ferrets were a favourite!
  • Planting local plant species to provide habitat to support local wildlife (see picture)
  • Using scat and footprints to identify the animals that have been visiting your patch
  • Searching for and analysing water bugs to determine the health of the river
  • How water resources are used in Australia
  • How to cope in floods when we get too much water at once
  • The environmental impacts of fire (with the highlight being the fire-truck!)
  • Renewable energy – including making simple solar powered circuits
  • The how and why of sorting waste
  • Rescuing Resources and putting them to an alternative use – the dog chews were really popular!
  • And…how the local indigenous clans managed their environment in a sustainable way.

Senior Frayne College students demonstrated why they are a 5 star ResourceSmart school, taking on a leadership role in planning and delivering their workshops on identifying the scat and footprints they find around their school. As one feedback form said: “(…(It was)…good to have student leaders engage students from other schools.” Well done Frayne.

Wodonga SED-01Wodonga SED-02Wodonga SED-03Wodonga SED-04

Photos from the Wodonga SED on 6th August 2015.

It was also wonderful to have a community elder from the local indigenous clan to share their methods of managing the environment in a sustainable way as well.

 The day was a huge success, imparting some very valuable environmental messages. As well as those above, I would also like to thank the City of Wodonga, the staff at the CUBE, Landcare, North East Water, Wirraminna Education Centre, Halve Waste, Wodonga Urban Landcare Group, The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, the State Emergency Service, North East Catchment Management Authority and the North East Waste and Resource Recovery Group. The success of this event is definitely due to the cooperation of so many local environmental organisations.

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WIN TV news coverage from 6th August 2015.