Lets learn together…SED visits Benalla

Vanessa 6Vanessa 1On Thursday 28th April, the first of this year’s Student Environment Days (SED) was held in Benalla. The event was held at the Foreshore Park alongside the lake bathed in beautiful sunshine and amidst the many ducks and other birdlife that co-habit the area.

Year 5 students from Benalla P-12, St. Joseph’s and Broken Creek primary schools participated in the event, learning lots about their environment as well as socializing together and applying sustainable practices throughout the day.  The groups on the day were quite small, allowing the students to become very involved in the hands-on activities and engage with the presenters to ensure thorough understanding.

In the activities on offer, students learnt how to reduce, re-use and recycle; what not to throw down the toilet; how to assess the health of our waterways through the identification of the macro-invertebrates; how all living things have a dependence on other living things; what we can learn about local fauna by looking at how they are made (skulls, skins and bones); and about using renewable solar energy to power their creations.

When students return to their schools they will share their learning with their classmates. Students were particularly interested in using the SEED website and other resources to take their investigations further and learn more.

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Many thanks go to the Benalla Rural City, Wirraminna Education Centre, Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning, North East Water, Goulburn Broken Waterwatch, North East Catchment Management Authority, Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority and North East Waste and Resource Recovery Group for their contributions to this event.

The next event will be held in Wodonga on August 11th at the CUBE.  Following this event will be a celebration to mark the achievement of a number of milestones for Student Environment Days or Roadshows as they were originally called including the 5000th student and the 200th school and the 30th of these events.

There will be more about this celebration later on the website. To find further information about future events visit www.seed.vic.gov.au