Mansfield Shire launches “Carry In…Carry Out”

Spreading the Carry in Carry out message (Mansfield Shire Council)

Spreading the Carry in Carry out message (Mansfield Shire Council)

Mansfield Shire have launched a new program this month to introduce changes to camping waste management in the Shire. This busy holiday season will be the first year Council promotes the ‘Carry In Carry Out’ message in relation to how campers deal with their waste. All campers and visitors to the area are now required to take their waste with them when leaving the Shire. The Carry in Carry out approach to camper waste management is supported in many locations Australia wide so this is about Mansfield Shire Council aligning with other areas, ensuring a consistent approach.

In order to promote the new approach, a

number of roadside signs have been installed across the Shire, in addition to various other media avenues including Facebook, emails and flyers. So let’s work together and help spread the ‘Carry in Carry Out’ message and keep Mansfield Shire clean!

Full details about this new initiative can be found in this Media Release –