Wangaratta School Environment Day

On Tuesday 25th October 2016, the last of the 2016 Student Environment Days was held in Wangaratta. It was situated at the Scout Hall and Frisbee Golf Course alongside the Oven’s River and although the recent floods provided a number of challenges, the day ended up being perfect.

About 180 students from 7 different schools attended the day and were treated to a variety of engaging hands-on activities including:

  • Learning about minimizing waste and how to sort, and practising this by bringing a rubbish-free lunch on the day
  • Going on a bushwalk along the Northern Beaches of the Ovens River playing Biodiversity Bingo and learning about the multitude life inhabiting the area
  • Learning about where our electricity comes from and about solar power
  • Identifying the different macro-invertebrates inhabiting our waterways and how this can help determine the quality of our rivers
  • How to plant seedlings, strike cuttings and grow your own vegetables
  • Learning about how to make nesting boxes suitable for the animals inhabiting the environment where you live
  • The biodiversity of the local area and how everything is interdependent
  • Learning about the impact of coal-mining by using chocolate chip cookies
  • Learning about the filtering processes undertaken to ensure the water in your taps is clean – students also brought their own water bottles and refilled these as needed at the site, and
  • Aboriginal art – the techniques and meanings

When students return to their schools they will share their learning with their classmates and follow-up some of the learning they were particularly interested in using the SEED website and other resources to take their investigations further and learn more.

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Many thanks go to the Rural City of Wangaratta, Wirraminna Education Centre, Park Lane Nursery, Landcare, North East Water, ResourceSmart, students from Galen College, North East Catchment Management Authority and North East Waste and Resource Recovery Group for their contributions and willingness to share their expertise with students and staff attending this event.

For further information about SEED, a Partnership between the North East Waste and Resource Recovery Group and North East Catchment Management Authority, please visit