Changes to waste Regulations – beneficial reuse & waste codes


 Amendments to the Environment Protection (Industrial Waste Resource) Regulations 2009 will come into effect on 7 December 2016.

These regulations guide the sustainable management of prescribed industrial waste (PIW), and the changes were designed to ensure clarity and certainty for affected industries.

Changes to Beneficial Reuse

To give industry more clarity and increase the correct use of the beneficial reuse tools, two principles have been included in a definition of beneficial reuse:

  1. similar hazardous properties
  2. no additional environmental risk management required.

Minor amendments have also been made to the information requirements and authorisation conditions for secondary beneficial reuse, to clarify the requirements, ensure consistent terminology and match up with the current authorisation process in practice.

Changes to waste codes

Waste codes that are used to describe PIW in waste transport certificates are now integrated into the Regulations in Schedule 3. Minor updates have occurred to the wording of some of the waste codes for greater clarity and consistency. Definitions of all the codes and terminology used in waste transport certificates have also been inserted in the Regulations.