Blanket approval saves North East Waste and Resource Recovery Group $200,000

John Dahlenburg (Executive Officer), Anthony Griffiths (Deputy Chair) & Richard Paschke (Manager Procurement & Planning) from North East WRRG

On the 2 February 2017, the Australian Competition and Consumer and Commission (ACCC) issued an approval for joint procurement (A91551) to the North East Waste and Resource Recovery Group (North East WRRG). Taking an innovative approach, North East WRRG had applied for a ‘blanket approval’ of all joint procurement activities in the region for the next 11 years which will save the region an estimated $200,000 in fees and staff time during the term of the approval.

North East WRRG works with seven councils in the North East of Victoria, including Alpine, Wodonga, Wangaratta, Indigo, Benalla, Towong and Mansfield, and with the three ski resorts Mt Buller/Mt Sterling, Mt Hotham and Falls Creek.

North East WRRG Deputy Chair Anthony Griffiths said the approval will allow “North East WRRG to facilitate joint procurement processes for its local government and ski resort partners each year whilst reducing North East WRRG’s legal exposure when performing its statutory functions.”

Traditionally the Waste and Resource Recovery Groups (WRRGs) have required individual approvals for each service.  The broad ACCC approval will benefit the six other WRRGs who can take a similar approach.

Services which are covered by the approval are:

  • the collection of materials from transfer stations, resource recovery centres
    and landfills
  • transport of materials from the collection locations to the processing sites
  • processing at the processing sites of
    • metal recyclers
    • tyre recyclers
    • plastic recyclers
    • electronic waste recyclers
    • mattress recyclers
    • concrete crushing and garden waste chipping on site
  • receiving and processing of organics (together with the above, the Service Streams); and
    • purchase of waste and resource recovery infrastructure such as bins and other infrastructure

Applications to the ACCC usually cost between $2,500 and $7,500 and take approximately 5 months for processing which include public, and industry consultation.  Obtaining the ‘blanket approval’ will save the north east group money and resources and increase the benefits of joint procurement.