Don’t Waste Mt Stirling initiative

This winter Resort Management will be trialling an innovative project that aims to reduce littering in remote locations on Mt Stirling. School and outdoor education groups using Mt Stirling for overnight trips throughout winter will be given the opportunity to participate in the project. Participant groups will be provided with a lightweight Waste Kit to use throughout their Mt Stirling adventure.

Example of waste kit

Waste Kits contain: colour-coded compostable collection bags for separation of waste, recycling and organics streams; dry bags for clean storage of collection bags; educational and instructional materials. Designed with our harsh winter in mind, the Waste Kit is both durable and lightweight. The  Waste Kit will assist groups with effective separation of waste streams whilst camping and ensure our unique alpine environment remains waste free.

For further information please contact:

Tom Kelly, Environmenta​l Officer/Mt Stirling Ski Patrol
Mt Buller Mt Stirling Resort Management | 03 5777 7211

This project is funded by the Victorian Government’s Litter Innovation Fund, delivered by Sustainability Victoria.