ResourceSmart Schools Update

Congratulations go to The Outdoor School at 15 Mile Creek (RCoW) who recently achieved their 4th star for their ResourceSmart program.  The practices they have embedded in their programs mean that all students who visit their camp, soon learn a lot about living in a sustainable way and in understanding the local environment.  It is an amazing place.

Another lot of congratulations go to Wooragee Primary School (Indigo Shire) who recently achieved both their 2nd and 3rd star in the ResouceSmart Program.  They recently hosted a tour group from the North East WRRG and it was obvious how aware these students were of good environmental practices and how much they understood about the environment.   It was wonderful to see how proud every student, staff member and community volunteer was of what they have achieved.  They really depicted what the ResourceSmart program is really all about.

North East WRRG recently hosted a workshop day for North East Schools to work on their ResourceSmart programs.  This day was well attended  by local teachers, who took great advantage of the time dedicated to this end.   ResourceSmart  program facilitators from Sustainability Victoria in Melbourne and the Hume Region lead agency – Goulburn Valley Water, together with the North East WRRG facilitator all combined to assist teachers on the day.