Alpine Valleys Community Leadership Program

I graduated from the Alpine Valleys Community Leadership Program (AVCLP) on 25th May 2017 in a ceremony with beautiful food, good friends and an inspiring keynote speech by Nigel Collins – author of the best seller ‘Game of Inches’.

I did not grow up within Australian communities and was missing some of the connections and knowledge that my peers had. The program has given me the opportunity to connect with a range of leaders in business and community from region, state and nationally. It has opened my eyes to the workings of rural communities, the importance of resilience and the role leaders can play to help create incredible communities. The program encouraged me to be a leader in the community I live with and to not be afraid to add an environmental touch.

When I started the AVCLP I wanted to become a better public speaker and learn more about the regional communities, I have achieved this plus a lot more. I have grown my network, started to get engaged in community projects and feel overall a lot more connected. I have learned a range of leadership skills and believe that I’ll be able to put these new skills to work for the North East Waste and Resource Recovery Group.

Thanks to the team for supporting me during the often strenuous times.

Richard Paschke
Planning & Procurement Manager


AVCLP participants meet with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull during a visit to Canberra in March 2017.