Regional bin audits reveal households send less rubbish to landfill

The introduction of the third green organics bin in four of the seven Councils throughout North East Victoria show that householders in the region are now diverting half the waste which was previously sent to landfill each year. North East Waste and Resource Recovery Group coordinated audit of kerbside bins throughout the region earlier this year which have revealed a pleasing regional trend.

Throughout April and May, 600 household bins were audited, and the materials were weighed and sorted into categories.  The audit was undertaken in seven council areas including: Alpine Shire, Benalla Rural City, City of Wodonga, Indigo Shire Council, Mansfield Shire, Rural City of Wangaratta and Towong Shire.

The bin audits revealed that regionally the diversion rate has more than doubled since 2013 and is now 68%.  Recycling has also improved particularly in Council areas with a green organics bin. That means that every week about 220,000kg less waste is going to the landfills. “This is an excellent result for the region, this is evidence that when householders have a third bin we not only halve the waste that was previously being sent to landfill, but we also turn this waste into compost which is a valuable resource” said Richard Paschke, Procurement and Planning Manager from North East Waste and Resource Recovery Group.

The audits demonstrate that householders are improving their sorting and separating of waste into the correct bins and overall reducing their waste to landfill significantly. The results of the audits will be used to better inform future projects and ultimately will lead to better environmental outcomes for the North East region.