Local Buffer Support Program

In the face of population and development pressures not everything is kept top of mind.  One area is to provide support and tools to protect buffers around waste and resource recovery facilities. North East WRRG in collaboration with the Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery group is undertaking a study around planning protection of waste and resource recovery infrastructure.

A planning consultant has been engaged to commence an assessment of 14 strategically important Waste & Resource Recovery facilities to:

  • determine the required separation distance from sensitive uses,
  • undertake a qualitative risk assessment of buffers around waste and resource recovery sites,
  • identify opportunities to strengthen support for waste and resource recovery facilities in planning policy,
  • conduct workshops with Council and Alpine Resort planning and waste management officers, and
  • develop an engagement plan to work with local government to implement planning measures identified.

The consultant has engaged with Alpine Resorts and Councils and prepared a draft report. North East WRRG have facilitated a workshop with planning and waste management officers in Wangaratta at which the work was discussed and generally well received. In the lively discussions a regional approach to planning protection was suggested and North East WRRG has initiated conversations with Goulburn Valley WRRG.