Acting Executive Officer News

Annual Report
The Annual Report has been approved.  This has been published onto the web and is available here.

Recruitment of Executive Officer
The recruitment of the on-going Executive Officer is well underway. Interviews have been held with a view to the new appointment, once that decision has been made and confirmed, commencing in early 2018. 

School Environment Education Directory Program 24 October 2017
I was very pleased to attend a portion of the very well-organized SEED program in Wangaratta on the Tuesday 24th of October.  This is one of three workshops run throughout the year.  Scheduling and planning is underway for 2018.

I was able to sit in on several sessions.  There were presenters on a range of topics, and the primary school students from the schools moved from one to the other.  I was particularly impressed with the presentation by a number of High School students who had a very engaging and well-organized workshop on issues around palm oil. It was the first time I in a workshop that used technology including phones and 3-D goggles. The students presenting had also participated in SEED program as primary school students some years ago.  Congratulations to the presenters, and to Linda Anania who is seeing the positive outcome of years of involvement and organization of the SEED program.

Workshop with SV, EPA, DELWP at Benalla 15 October 2017: e-Waste, Waste to Energy and Plastics.
A very well attended workshop was held at Benalla with presentations on government initiatives around e-waste, waste to energy and plastics. Representatives came from 15 Councils and Alpine Resorts.

Many thanks to Nick Nagle and the team at GVWRRG who were the leads in organizing this workshop.  Staff from NEWRRG were also heavily involved in publicity and assistance on the day, and have provided follow up. Summary of discussion points and presentations have been circulated.

This was one of a series of workshops and information sessions held around the State.  Further comment and input into the processes around the e-waste policies are welcome until January next year. Submissions can be made via the engage Victoria website

Reflection on period with NEWRRG

I have been in the Acting EO role with NEWRRG since late September 2017. This is likely my first and last article for the newsletter.

I have found the experience very interesting and enjoyable.  I have appreciated the insights and assistance of the Board members, and the input of Audit Committee members.

I have also valued the experience and the assistance of the staff, and recognize that they have dealt with significant change.  This will continue, particularly as the staff and Board work through a significant raft of policy changes.

The position and organization has a huge suite of stakeholders and I have appreciated the assistance and insights of many of them.

I take this opportunity to wish you all a happy holiday period, and a very fulfilling and successful 2018.


Narelle Martin
Acting Executive Officer