Tour of North East Water’s Treatment Plant

Recently after our first Local Government Waste Forum (LGWF) meeting for 2018 the group then continued with a tour of North East Water Wodonga Wastewater Treatment plant.

North East Water manage more than 1,000 kilometres of sewer mains across the region. These mains collect household, commercial and industrial waste from more than 40,000 homes, businesses and factories, and transport it to our wastewater treatment plants for treatment. The performance of our treatment plants is continuously monitored. All wastewater effluent discharges are sampled and tested for various parameters on a monthly basis to monitor compliance with Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) discharge licence conditions. Further information about North East Water can be found here








A big thank you to Peter Tolsher for hosting the LGWF meeting at the North East Water Office in Wodonga and for the tour of Wodonga’s wastewater treatment plant.