IT Project Manager – Short term contract

North East Waste & Resource Recovery Group (NEWRRG) requires the services of an experienced IT Project Manager to assist it in the delivery of a software platform to collect transactional data from member councils and resort waste facilities. This platform also needs to provide reporting functionality for members and Sustainability Victoria (SV) to easily aggregate data into reports that will inform management decisions.

The key objectives of this project are to:

  • Standardise data collection methodology across the region.
  • Reduce the burden of meeting regulatory reporting requirements.
  • Establish true costs of individual waste streams.
  • Highlight opportunities for cost-savings through collaborative procurement.
  • Inform contract negotiations.
  • Maintain stockpile inventory to help decrease fraud risks.

If you are an IT Project Manager who has successfully designed, developed and assisted in the implementation of software solutions and are interested in this contract role please download the below request for quotation and brief. Submissions are due by 10am Monday 14th October 2019.


NEWRRG Request for Quote – Consultant Brief Specification IT Project Manager

NEWRRG IT Project Manager-APPENDIX C Response to RFQ Questionnaire WORD VERSION