New guidance about food and green waste processing technology

Work is underway to prepare up to date guidance about food and green waste processing technology that councils and Waste and Resource Recovery Groups (WRRGs) will use to help procure services for household waste.

The guidance will help councils and WRRGs understand the different technologies, processes and regulatory, commercial and market conditions that commercial processors need to consider to operate successfully.

A working group of representative councils met with WRRGs at the end of August to provide feedback on the guidance to ensure it is practical and meets their needs.

Guidance on organics processing infrastructure and tender package, will also provide templates for councils and WRRGs to use when going out to tender for food and green waste processing services.

The guidance and templates will be tested with industry before being released and will help ensure compliance with the Environment Protection Act 2017 and associated regulations and determinations.

Food waste is a priority of the Victorian Government’s circular economy policy and action plan for waste and recycling—Recycling Victoria: a new economy—with targets to halve food waste and halve the amount of food and green waste sent to landfill by 2030. Recycling Victoria will help capture the opportunities to generate beneficial products from food waste while reducing emissions and improving landfill capacity by diverting it elsewhere.