Compost Champions Project

Compost Bin in Garden‘Compost Champions’ was a joint project between NevRwaste and Benalla Rural City Council (BRCC) undertaken in 2012/2013. The project was aimed at encouraging householders in the Benalla municipality to take up home composting with an aim to recruit at least 500 households in the Benalla area to divert as much of their kitchen and garden waste from landfill into their own back yard compost bins.

The project provided householders with subsidized infrastructure (compost bin, kitchen caddie, aerator and a compost guide) as well as informational workshops.  The ‘champions’ of the project, Benalla Gardening Club worked with NevRwaste and Benalla City Council (and other local organizations) to provide householders with knowledge on how to effectively compost in their own backyards, and to be the dedicated local contact people.  One of the features of this project was that the local contact person becomes their key contact for any trouble shooting issues that householders may experience in the future.

Roughly 45% of what is still going into our household waste bins is organic waste (food scraps and garden waste) which could be composted at home.  By composting organic waste householders are doing their bit for the environment by reducing their waste going to landfill and therefore the production of greenhouse gases.

The project was very successful with:

  • 8 Householder workshops held
  • 230 bins, caddies and supporting materials went to householders
  • 250 residents participated in the workshops
  • 2 School specific workshops were held
  • 70 students from 7 schools participated in the workshops
  • High level of satisfaction amongst workshop participants
  • Audits demonstrated a 17% reduction in weight of waste bins of the composting participants compared to that of households not participating in the program