Q1 When was the North East Waste and Resource Recovery Group (North East WRRG) formed?

A1 The North East WRRG was formed on 1 August 2014 under the Environment Protection Act 1970 (the Act).

Q2 How many Waste & Resource Recovery Groups (WRRGs) are there in Victoria?

A2 There are currently 7 WRRGs in Victoria.

Q3 What is North East WRRG’s role?

A3 At a board level, North East WRRG’s key function is to reduce waste to landfill, increase resource recovery and undertake strategic planning for waste and resource recovery infrastructure and service procurement.

Q4 How are the Waste & Resource Recovery Groups managed?

A4 The board is the governing body of the WRRG. Board members are appointed by Governor in Council on recommendation of the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change. The  board of each WRRG comprises of 4 skill-based nominees recommended to the Minister through an expression of interest process and 4 from local government nominated…