Q5 How is our board informed of the strategic waste and resource recovery issues?

A5 There are 2 advisory committees that operate under the board, being the: Technical Advisory Sub-Committee (TAS); and The Local Government Waste Forum (LGWF) – The Environment Protection Act 1970 requires the establishment of a LGWF in each WRRG region, consisting of representatives of the councils. In the north east region, the LGWF also has…

Q6 What role do the advisory committees play at North East WRRG?

A6 Attendance at the TAS is by invitation to the local councils and alpine resorts. This committee looks at business project planning opportunities for both councils and alpine resorts. It identifies opportunities to work collaboratively to deliver projects and contracts and provides advice to the Forum on strategic and operational matters and opportunities. Attendance at…

Q7 Who are the staff of North East WRRG?

A7 North East WRRG consists of the following small team of effective staff: Executive Officer – Kath Gosden Manager, Planning and Procurement – Richard Paschke Manager, Engagement and Projects – Kim Mueller Manager, School Projects – Linda Anania (part time) Officer, Administration – Kathy Dodgshun (part time) Officer, Corporate Governance and Administration – Lyndal Jordon

Q8 Does the North East WRRG have a strategic plan?

A8 The WRRGs are each required to prepare a draft 10 year Waste and Resource Recovery Implementation Plan for the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change.  The plans are integrated and aligned with each other as well as the Statewide Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan.