If I have questions/comments/feedback where do I go to find out more or have my say?

Further details about the plan are on NEWRRG’s website: www.newrrg.vic.gov.au

You can also make a submission, leave feedback, or request a hard copy of the draft north east implementation plan by visiting the NEWRRG website.

NEWRRG will be running 7 public information sessions at ‘open house events’ in each local government area in the region during the month of May 2016.  Further details about these sessions will be advertised in all regional papers.

What is the difference between NEWRRG and Councils in terms of waste management and recycling?

NEWRRG is a State Government agency that works with local government, industry and community to coordinate strategic waste and resource recovery planning needs across the region. Local government is responsible for delivering services in their local area.  NEWRRG works as a channel between state and local government and, where there are benefits, assists with coordination…

What will change in the region because of the plan?

Resource recovery centers in the regions will be able to recycle more things There will be improvements local resource recovery centres over the coming years. These improvements may include better and bigger areas for sorting and storing of materials for recycling A more practical approach taken to the management of the region’s waste and opportunities…

If everything is ok in our region why do we need to do this for?

At the rate of projected population growth in Victoria over the next 30 years existing waste management infrastructure will not be able to cope with the expected increase in waste volumes.  Currently 34% of the north east’s waste is still being landfilled.  We can do better, and need to plan for future growth.  Some of…