What is the Statewide Infrastructure plan and how does this plan fit into it?

A Statewide Infrastructure Plan was released by the Victorian Government in June 2015.  It provides the roadmap to ensure Victoria has the infrastructure to effectively manage waste and resource recovery for the next 30 years. Each of the 7 regional Waste and Resource Recovery Groups in Victoria are responsible for setting out how the waste…

Are there opportunities for the infrastructure schedule to be reviewed?

An opportunity for new proposals to be considered will arise in 3-5 years when the regional waste and resource recovery implementation plans are infrastructure schedules are reviewed.

What is the infrastructure schedule?

The schedule lists existing or proposed facilities but not reflect whether appropriate operational practices are maintained or whether works and planning approvals are in place. This infrastructure schedule identifies the gaps in the infrastructure required to meet the strategic directions for the region based on the current status, constraints, and future needs and opportunities.  The…

Does the north east region need new landfills in the next 10 years?

No, through the modelling process of existing available airspace and current and projected resource recovery and expected waste volumes, it was determined that additional landfills were not required for the north east region.  The region does not require any new landfills in the next 20 years.