North East Litter & Illegal Dumping Plan

A clean region for everyone to enjoy. Our goal is to invest in prevention now to reap the rewards for the future.

Long-term littering behaviour research has concluded that the majority of people do the right thing and dispose of their waste appropriately. However, a small minority have failed to get the message that our community rejects littering and dumping, or they simply don’t care.

Work needs to continue with our community, businesses, councils and land managers such as Parks Victoria, Alpine Resorts, the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP), Regional Roads Victoria, and catchment management and water authorities, to stop littering and dumping.

The North East Regional Litter & Illegal Dumping Plan provides guidance to the community, businesses, councils and land managers to achieve a clean region for everyone to enjoy. It provides insight, identifies the priorities and recommends partnerships to achieve our goals through focused action.

The plan is built around three areas of focus:

  • Build and strengthen a culture that rejects littering and dumping in the North East region.
  • Plan programs that address the littering and dumping priorities and monitor and evaluate their effectiveness.
  • Identify funding and resourcing requirements to deliver the necessary evidence base for the introduction of policies, legislation and further initiatives to reduce and prevent litter and dumping.

While major programs require external funding to implement, the plan includes low or no-cost activities that can be implemented as opportunities arise and builds on past and ongoing activities and achievements.

Action Plan

A detailed action plan will help to address the priority areas identified in the Regional Litter and Illegal Dumping Plan. It aims to provide a clear direction for key stakeholders on the actions required moving forward.

The action plan identifies the following key objectives;

  • Build local capacity to support the long-term sustainability of litter and dumping prevention.
  • Ensure a collaborative approach to litter and dumping prevention and management.
  • Educate residents and visitors about the impacts of littering and dumping, and raise awareness about how to do the right thing.
  • Build on the community’s rejection of littering and dumping behaviours.
  • Increase the likelihood of being caught and fined for doing the wrong thing.
  • Improve data collection processes to support local knowledge sharing.
  • Support responsible disposal behaviours through the provision of infrastructure and services that meet local needs.

Whilst the action plan is owned by North East Waste & Resource Recovery Group on behalf of its member councils and alpine resorts, a number of key stakeholders have been identified as potential delivery partners and will be integral in supporting its implementation.