North East Regional Communication & Education Strategy

Development of a strategic document to guide waste and resource recovery communication and education activities in the North East was identified as a priority project by councils and alpine resorts in 2019. Urban EP were engaged by North East WRRG to deliver the project and used a consultative approach to ensure the strategy responded to priorities raised by councils and alpine resorts, whilst also reflecting state government expectations.

The Communication & Education Strategy seeks to elicit practical changes in behaviour from individuals, businesses and organisations in the region, achieved through the selection of strategic directions based on council and alpine resort priorities, and the use of Community Based Social Marketing methods as a means to address obstacles to preferred behaviours.

The strategy is structured into six strategic directions which are consistent with the waste management hierarchy and principles of the circular economy as reflected in Recycling Victoria. Where relevant, they additionally reference important crossovers with the state policy in order to maximise opportunities for the region to leverage support and materials during delivery and position the regional group as a proactive partner that can contribute to the state’s circular economy agenda.

The strategic directions also directly support the productive and efficient use of council and alpine resort services and infrastructure. In doing so, the strategy helps councils and alpine resorts to get better value for money from these assets and functions. Equally important, the directions seek to guide and influence a wide range of stakeholders, including residents, businesses, other organisations, and visitors to the region.

The Communication & Education Strategy is accompanied by a four-year action plan, setting out the tasks that need to be completed to implement the strategy. The action plan is structured in line with the six strategic directions and their objectives, and highlights opportunities for regional collaboration.

A summary of the strategic directions and actions can be downloaded here: Communication & Education Strategy – Strategic directions and actions overview.