Public Place Recycling

Additional 25 tonnes of recycling diverted from landfill

The new public place recycling systems installed throughout North East Victoria in 2016, will annually divert 25 additional tonnes of recyclables from landfill each year.  These systems will provide over 2 million visitors and 117,000 residents improved options to recycle and dispose of waste in public places.

The project was partially funded from the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC) and the North East Waste and Resource Recovery Group (North East WRRG) Councils and Alpine Resorts.  These groups are pleased to see the excellent results from the recent installation of new public place recycling systems.

Approximately 50 new waste and recycling bin dual enclosures were installed in public areas including: streetscapes, parks and recreation reserves.   The project also included special snow line waste and recycling bin stations for all the North East’s Alpine Resort areas.  The 120 individual waste and recycling bins will make it easier for residents and visitors to ‘do the right thing, use the right bin’ throughout North East Victoria.

Local Councils who were involved in the project included: Alpine Shire, Benalla Rural City, City of Wodonga, Indigo Shire Council and the Rural City of Wangaratta. All the Alpine Resorts in North East Victoria were involved in the project including: Falls Creek, Mt Buller/Mt Stirling and Mt Hotham.

As part of the project the new systems were externally audited to test their effectiveness.  The results of the audits demonstrated that across the North East:

  • 77% of recyclable materials deposited in public place bins are currently being diverted from landfill through the new public place recycling systems (compared to the diversion rate of 44% in 2015)
  • The region’s litter count is low (14 items counted per 48m2) which positions the North East performance 55% better than the Victorian State average in litter rates (31 items counted per 48m2)
  • There are less recyclables in the waste stream (an improvement of 11% from the 2015 results) showing that people are putting more recyclables in the correct bin
  • Regionally the new systems will annually divert approximately 25 additional tonnes of recyclable materials from landfill each year

“This is an excellent result for the region” said Kim Mueller, North East WRRG’s project manager. Ms Mueller also said: “there is a constant need to reinforce the recycling message especially when people are away from home and the best way to do this is to provide infrastructure that is accessible and easily understood by all residents and visitors, which is why projects such as this are so important to the Region”.

The project is a good example of what can be achieved through successful partnerships.  By working with industry, State Government, local Councils and Alpine Resorts the North East WRRG were able to leverage extra funding through the APC therefore doubling the original project funds.  Through a cooperative approach local representatives were able to gain efficiencies and consistency which have ultimately lead to better public place recycling outcomes for the region.

A full copy of the final report can be downloaded here: NEWRRG APC PPR 2016 Final Report






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