Plasback Recycling

What is Plasback?

Plasback is a product stewardship program from Tapex. Plasback will provide a long term, low cost solution for farmers and councils to dispose of and create new value out of this farm plastic waste stream. Over 5,000 tonnes silage film and covers are discarded after use every year. These products are made from high quality linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) plastic. It does not break down when buried, is unsightly and presents a hazard to stock.  It is illegal to burn plastic. Burying or putting in landfill is wasting a scarce resource.

Plasback provides a new alternative through a collection system that ensures this plastic becomes a raw material for new products, rather than a waste problem. By recycling, farms are kept clean, stock is kept safe and it ensures that a non-renewable resource is transformed into useful products.  The silage wrap collected is sent to Melbourne and turned into other plastic products such as tough board.

Plasback farm plastics recycling – THE FACTS

Read the following Fact Sheet outlining the guidelines for what can be recycled.

Where can you get further information?

By visiting the Plasback website or by picking up a brochure from your local participating council.