Public Place Recycling (PPR)

Public Place Recycling (PPR) is a materials recovery system designed to collect materials from the waste stream for recycling in high-use public areas such as retail, recreational, sporting, tourist and transport sites.

PPR is more than a collection system. It plays an important role in both demonstrating an organisation’s commitment to triple bottom line objectives (economic, social and environmental), and in extending recycling away from home through behaviour change and community engagement.


Some past NevRwaste PPR projects include:

  • The Alpine PPR project which saw over 50 recycling stations installed in 2012 across the 3 Alpine Resorts and Dinner Plain
  • Recreation Reserves PPR which saw over 100 permanent and mobile recycling stations and bins installed in 2011 at 9 major sporting facilities and recreation reserves across six different Council areas.
  • NBN PPR which will see the installation of over 120 waste and recycling enclosures installed in streetscape areas throughout the North East Region.  This includes seven Councils and the three Alpine Resorts.