Regional Education Campaign 2011-2012

Up-to-date Recycling Information for all Residents in the North East

The Regional Education Campaign was completed over two years in 2011-2012. It was a campaign aimed at residents receiving up-to-date waste information to improve recycling rates and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill. It reached over 60,000 households across more than seven municipalities  in North East Victoria and Southern NSW. The program was delivered with the assistance of local recycling contractors at the time being: Transpacific Cleanaway Wodonga and Wangaratta Recycling (for their corresponding service areas). Halve Waste and NevRwaste coordinated the project on behalf of local Councils in North East Victoria and Southern NSW.


Waste audits showed that over 20% of the weight of household garbage bins could be recycled. In our Region the average household creates approximately 300 kgs of waste per year. The more we recycle the less of this we send to landfill which not only helps the environment but also turns that so-called waste into a new resource. Although the messages within the information packs were the same for each of the Council areas, the pack contents and delivery methods varied. The packs were delivered by mail to NSW households and hand delivered in Victoria. Those hand delivered included the application of a new recycle bin sticker for residents in Indigo Shire Council, City of Wodonga, Towong Shire and Rural City of Wangaratta.  The project was rolled out in phases to allow for the packs effectiveness to be evaluated.

Due to advances in technologies more materials can be recycled in our household collections than ever before. The packs were designed to help residents keep up-to-date with these developments. As part of the program research was conducted with householders to measure the effectiveness of these educational materials.


For further information or to view a copy of the final report please email us through the CONTACT US page.