Q12 What are the priorities for the North East WRRG in the 2016-2017 financial year?

A12 The North East WRRG Business Plan 2016 – 2019 identifies the priorities and objectives for the group.  It is informed through the work of the subcommittees which have representation from council and alpine resorts. The objectives are:

  • To deliver a WRRIP supported by local government, alpine resorts and the state within the required legislative timeframes.
  • To deliver regionally significant waste and resource recovery projects including education in consultation with councils and alpine resorts in the region.
  • To support collaborative procurement processes with councils and alpine resorts in the region that lead to increased resource recovery and best practice waste management.
  • To maintain and expand stakeholder relationships with local and state government, industry and the community, including supporting the North East Local Government Waste Forum.
  • To input regional and local knowledge into state waste and resource recovery policy and guidance documents.
  • To establish and maintain effective governance and operational systems for North East WRRG.
  • To work collaboratively with waste and resource recovery groups across the state to identify and implement shared service arrangements that deliver organisational efficiencies and cost benefits to North East WRRG.

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