Q6 What role do the advisory committees play at North East WRRG?

A6 Attendance at the TAS is by invitation to the local councils and alpine resorts. This committee looks at business project planning opportunities for both councils and alpine resorts. It identifies opportunities to work collaboratively to deliver projects and contracts and provides advice to the Forum on strategic and operational matters and opportunities.

Attendance at the LGWF is by nomination. This Forum consists of council and alpine resort appointed representatives. The North East WRRG provide secretariat support to the Forum. Its purpose is two-fold. It applies rigor to the project assessments as provided by the TAS for the purpose of informing the board on projects for consideration for the North East WRRG’s business planning. The Forum also has a legislative function to provide advice to the board on matters of importance in relation to waste management across the local councils and alpine resorts that require action at the stakeholder, regional or state government level.

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